About Us

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Who We Are?

We are a Pvt Ltd Company, with all mandatory clearances like FSSAI License, MSME Udyog Adhaar Licence, GST Registration etc We also hold some Govt patents for exclusive production like Iron fortified Haldi and Tomato based beverage drink.We hold the Trademarked Logo ” Arms2Farms ” and our motto is : Empowering Farmers, Empowering Veterans We are currently at a seeding stage where many ESM have expressed interest in partnering with us.We therefore wish to seek to look at niche market of Defence needs other than the Regular contracts.And we are ready to align our Business Processing to enhance quality of life of Soldiers, Sailors and Air Warriors.

Our Mission:

To satisfy our partners and customers with a unique shopping experience offering quality, variety, price and service, based on the attention and commitment of our employees.
“Committed workers, satisfied customers.”

Our Vision:

To be an independent, innovative, honest and sustainable cooperative in which customers are able to choose from a wide range of goods at reasonable prices. In other words, to be a model company and a reference in the distribution sector.
“To be a reference company model in the distribution sector.”

Our Core Values:

To listen to the customers, the employees, the suppliers and to our environment, to provide products, training, information, welfare, development and sustainability, and to be responsible through commitment, honesty and respect.


  • Organic Foods at your door steps
  • Local Manufactured Products
  • Healty
  • Any Point


1. Made from Ramkela Mango – the undisputed king of achaari mangoes.

2. Premium kacchi ghani mustard oil used.

3. Seed removal.

4. Oil is preheated and cooled – for sensitive throats.

5. Post cutting wash with RO water.

6. Sun drying / air drying.

7. Haldi & salt coating before sun drying.

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